#Negative #Thinking #People Ruin Too Many Good #Employees And #Organizations

Nothing can kill a team more than an employee or employees with a bad attitude. It doesn’t matter how great the team is rolling along with success after success if you have someone who brings down the entire team it will not be long and the winning attitude is going to be brought back crashing down to the low levels felt by the negative-thinking employee. I like to call this the Roller Coaster Effect being that you have your team running on all cylinders, life is great, employees are closing deals, every thing is going your way and then that employee kills the mood, dampers the fire, and the only thing left is the smouldering fire of yesterday’s desire.

If you have worked at any job then you know what I am writing about. We have all encountered that individual or individuals who bring down an organization. I look at the struggles in the world around us and I see more pessimistic people then I do optimistic but truth be told if you want your organization to thrive then you must cut out the negative-thinking employee as they will stomp out the life of your great employees and leave you with lack-luster results.

I compare a person with a bad attitude to a person with cancer. Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that mankind faces today yet we have doctors who specialize in cancer treatment. These doctors go in and remove the cancer from the body in hopes of prolonging the person’s life. This same philosophy should not be any different when it comes to someone who has a bad attitude as their attitude affects the overall life of your staff. When someone is bringing you and your team down the first thing to do is to get the heart of the issue. Find out what is causing this because it may not require treatment such as job loss.

Once you get to digging around and if you find out the diseased negative thinking is beyond repair for the employee and your organization then it is time to do the dreaded surgery. That’s right, it is time to get rid of the cancerous attitude that is holding back your staff. In doing so you will see a lift in the overall morale of your staff, you will see a pendulum shift in their attitude and the chances of your company success rate will increase. My question for you is if everyone is giving 100% and you have a person only giving 70% then why should you keep them? The answer is you shouldn’t and your staff will thank you. Maybe not out loud but inside the staff knows who the work horses are and who the slackers are. I guarantee.