This site is about my view points in the world around me. I do live in the South after spending over 20 years living in the Midwest but I have found a new home in a strongly conservative-based community. Even though the South is not my original home I have fallen in love with the surrounding area and people around me. The topics that I will write about vary as I am a diversified person with interests ranging from Politics, to Church, Technology, Sports, and whatever else may cross my mind.

If I write something that you disagree with I actually urge you to prove me wrong. It’s not that I think I’m always right it’s just that I’m not going to have my opinion swayed just because you write about what you think and/or how you feel. I don’t drink the Obama Kool-Aid which is 100% Fact-Free. I like stats, I want truths, I don’t want opinions, I don’t want feelings, if you’re going to argue a point be sure to back it up with facts.

Thank you for stopping by as I look forward to your comments.

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