Non-Motivated #Sales People Make For Horrible #SalesManagers

It is Sunday morning, August 24, 2014, and as I sit in front of my computer I think about the sales accomplishments I have been able to achieve in my past. As I think about these accolades I am quickly reminded of the literature I have read along the way that has helped me in my personal growth in the world of sales. With that said I look around at my peers and I see their struggle for existence in this day-and-age of the “smart shopper” and I try to draw correlations as to why they struggle when I thrive.

Without one single doubt the struggles of many sales people is in they do not take the time to nurture their inner being, do not take time to improve the qualities they possess that have areas of opportunities. Instead these people do the same day-in, day-out grind, doing the exact same thing every day while expecting different results. Sadly they have failed to realize they are not going to change and any success they do have is by pure luck of being in the right place at the right time.

This message is for anyone who is in sales and struggling. If you have struggled in the past then it is time to do something different. I am not talking about a career change, no, I am talking about changing up your routine. Practice your approach and delivery, record your pitch, read a book, Google on the Internet, but whatever you do make sure you’re taking action to better yourself.

To me it seems what makes people go from mediocre to great all rest in their attitude. If they have a crummy attitude then this is the results they will get but take someone who has a conquer attitude and you will see them achieve success. The art of winning in sales does not have to do solely with the customer or the clientele but has everything to do with the person doing the selling. If you’re struggling it is time to branch your wings and try something new. Change your attitude, change your educational standpoint (read some books) and gradually you will start to see a change.

Yet too often too many people fail to do the above sentence simply because it requires a little extra work and effort. I’d rather put in a little extra effort and be head & shoulders above my competition than to take the mentality of just getting by and then live in a world where I am just getting by. Your future, your destination, it is all in your hands. What’s your decision with where you’re going to go? Are you staying still or will you be going places?


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