Making Dreams Into A Reality…

“So I commend the enjoyment of life, because nothing is better for a man under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany him in his work all the days of the life God has given him under the sun.”

The above words are found in Ecclesiastes 8:15 and I believe is a testament to the Law of Attraction. Behind the Secret is all kinds of talk about the Universe and the thoughts that we are sending out. In the Bible, as the example above illustrates, God wants us to find the enjoyment of life as nothing is better for a person to eat, drink and be glad. No where in this scripture does it talk about being negative, finding discomfort in the world around us, yet so many of us fall prey to the negativity of the world.

I believe whole-heartedly that the days of our lives is a direct reflection in how we think. I have found some of the most happiest times of my life has been when I have been more in-tune with my spiritual walk with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. With the birthing of this site I am now on a mission to change the rest of my life I know the whereabouts of what I want to achieve out of life and there is a closeness with God that I want to obtain.

In finding this closeness I know there are necessary steps that I need to take and I know that the journey all starts and ends with my attitude. From the movie The Secret a point was made that “Energy flows where attention goes” and again I marvel at how astute this observation is. I think to my own children and their aspirations of what they want to be when they grow up and I think back to my childhood and what happened to the dreams that I wanted when I was younger. I think it all boils down that as children we are taught to dream big but at some point in time we reach an age-threshold in which it seems that our dreams need to be broken and reality needs to set in.

How many times is it that our dreams of our childhood is forgotten not because of our ability or our desire but because someone else influences our attitude. There was a kid that I graduated High School with and for the longest time (since 2nd Grade) I could remember him wanting to be a Paleontologist. Everything that he concentrated upon brought him back to the dream job of being a Paleontologist. The books that he read, the movies that he watched, all points led back to an excitement in his dream. Now flash forward twenty years and guess what this old classmate is doing? That’s right, he’s a Paleontologist and I believe it’s all because he never lost focus upon his dream. He turned his dream into reality and I commend his parents. They could have easily laughed at his inklings as a small child but instead they helped encourage him.

This is the kind of parent that I want to be. I want to prove to my kids they can be anything they want to be and that time period for them is now. It’s time to train them in the way of the Secret as well as the words of our Lord and Savior. The Bible writes that if you raise a child in the ways of the Lord when they get older they will not turn from it. Now my thought process is on being the best parent I can be and help my children become well-producing members of society. It’s time for the Law of Attraction to take its course.


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