#Hackers Going After U.S. Retailers…How Safe Are you?

The technology age has revolutionized the way we live our lives. We have friends on Facebook, tweets posted to Twitter, photos posted to Instagram, and the list goes on and on. Technology can be a great thing and can also be a horrendous thing as more than 1,000 U.S. retailers could potentially be infected with malicious software lurking in the Point-of-Sale systems. That’s right, the malicious code is just sitting there waiting for hackers to swipe customer financial data in the blink of an eye.

The Department of Homeland Security discovered the breach in October and the government is now urging businesses of all sizes to scan the POS systems for software known as “Backoff”. I think to the security breach of Target recently and I wonder what retailers this will affect and what the effect will be on consumers and businesses.

Cybertheft is the leading criminal activity throughout the world and is growing by the day. Too little people take the precautions necessary in truly protecting the most important thing to them…THEIR identity. Too many people throw caution to the wind and live life on the wild side and eventually the House of Cards is going to fall and when it does we will see many people being left scratching their heads wondering why they didn’t see it coming.

If you haven’t taken actions to protect your identity it is not too late to start now. Five years ago hackers wanted to put a virus on your system, render it useless while pointing and laughing at you. Flash forward and now hackers want to riddle your system with malicious code so they can take control of your life and potentially financially ruin you. What steps are you taking in protecting yourself?


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